Whether your wedding will be big or small or in between, you will want a wedding photographer to deliver wonderful photos of your big day.   I have been photographing weddings for over ten years and I still love each wedding I shoot.  It is such a fun day for families and I am lucky to be a part of such a special time in your life.  I think your wedding is a time for sharing memories with family and friends so after editing your wedding photos, I upload them online so you can share them over the internet.  You can order prints from your own with the files as well. 

There is an art to wedding photography.  I combine all my photo experiences into my wedding photography:  fine art photography classes, wedding photography classes and seminars, yearbook photo photographer and editor, graphic arts, fashion and commercial photography, sports photography, college party candids photography, top-of-the-mountain vacationing skiers photography, children and family portrait photography and probably most helpful all was working for other successful Atlanta wedding photographers when I began my wedding photography business.   All my photography experiences come into play during a wedding and my experience helps deliver great images of your wedding.

Good luck with your wedding planning and I hope to talk with you soon.

Cindy Suto  

To set up a meeting, please call 404/274-7110 or email  cindy@studiosuto.com.  I usually meet with people at my home which is about two miles from the Marietta Square and off the Delk Road Exit of I-75 . 
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  • Photographer - Weddings, Families, &  Events

  • B.A. Art History, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1988

  • M.B.A. Marketing Management, Kennesaw University, Kennesaw Georgia, 1997


Tel: 404-274-7110 : cindy@studiosuto.com

Facebook:  Cindy Suto Photography

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